Thursday, September 2, 2010

Marilyn Monroe is in Brisbane!

I met up with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Shelby, today. We got lunch, lingered around the city and shopped a bit. I spent about $65 on 4 articles of clothing today - I was pretty damn pleased with myself.

(Apology in advance: I'm really sorry about not having a good camera. One day, one day...)

Hopefully you can see the pictures properly. I took them with my phone.

I bought this t-shirt from Tree of Life. Shelby didn't really like it too much but
I thought it was very "me". It also has a slogan underneath it which could be in
Hindi - correct me if I'm wrong. Translation, please?
It says: "Avatar meher baba ki jai!"

EDIT: Just found out it's a slogan about Avatar Meher Baba, an Indian
mystic and spiritual master.  It means:
"Victory unto Avatar Meher Baba!" 
Cute black dress with lace for $10. Epic bargain. 
Navy-blue top/tunic thing, also for $10. I bought it because the EFTPOS
wouldn't accept any overall costs less than $20. I don't regret it!
White lacy dress with wooden buttons for $25.
Overall, I'm quite impressed with my spending spree today! But not with my lack of a camera. 

Anyway, I'd also like to add that in the city in which I am located, Brisbane (Queensland, Australia), there is a very well-known figure. It's not like she has any particular talents to be noticed for... Other than to impersonate Marilyn Monroe!

This woman's name is Dian O'Connell (you can find the Facebook fan group for her here) and a lot of people in Brisbane know her simply because she hangs around the city, mainly in the Myer Centre on Queen Street, every single day. She's always dolled up and wearing something different every day. Nobody really knows what she does for a living, how she earns the money for her pretty clothes and shoes, where she lives or why she dresses up as Marilyn Monroe.

Dian basically says the same kinds of things every time you approach her. Today, she started rambling about her latest bargains, where she bought them and how much they cost her. We didn't even have to ask. She also kindly gave Shelby and I a bargain-hunting tip for looking like you're rich:
"Always buy things that look expensive!"

We actually plucked up the courage to ask for a picture with her, and it seems that she's used to it and is always happy to have photos taken.

*I hold the camera horizontally but she doesn't like that too much* 
"Oh, take it long-ways! That way you can see my shoes!!" 

Here's Shelby striking a pose with Dian.
And me with my awkward pose.
I really want to know more about this woman, but it seems that every question you ask her will just go in one ear and out through the other. I asked her a few questions but she just continued with her ramblings. I'm not sure if she's "all there", but she seems extremely happy and like she's fulfilling her goals, and that's all that matters... Right?


  1. OMG! Such cute clothes! And so cheap...respect XD

    Dian seems like a very interesting theres a whole story "backstage".

  2. shelby looks so pretty I love the clothes you got nice shades of green!


  3. i like your blog, im following.