Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pink/Hello Kitty bedroom

In my last post, I mentioned my love for "kawaii" things, and that I would do a post on my Hello Kitty covered bedroom. If it's not Hello Kitty, then it's Tare Panda, Totoro, Doraemon or something equally cute or pink.

Of course, I've made some other Hello Kitty additions to my bedroom since I took the following pictures. I took them around the start of the year when I had first moved into my shared student unit.

Not so pink, but this is my study desk, with my printer and TV.
My pink shaggy rug, and Hello Kitty bed-things.
The fluffy pillow matches the rug. You may also be able
to see my Hello Kitty alarm clock, my Tare Panda, a small
Hello Kitty plush and a Hello Kitty cushion!!
Somewhat of a more "full" shot on my bedroom.
Totoro plush accompanied by my boyfriend's alcohol (Bundaberg Rum
coffee liquor and Jagermeister!)
It seems that I'll need to change my bedroom interior design tastes, though. I'm moving in with Shannon, my boyfriend, around the end of the year and I'll need to choose decorations that are more neutral-gendered in taste. Oh well, I'm still going to allow small appearances of Hello Kitty when we end up getting a townhouse or unit together in the middle of next year... Hehehe!

I wonder how those other kawaii-freaks' boyfriends deal with their obsession.

Oh, and sometime real soon, I seriously need a better camera. I'm so jealous of all those other bloggers with glossy, good quality photos on their blogs.


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  2. Removed other post cos I got Dino's full name wrong (how could I???!!!)

    I've had Dino, the Industrial Strength Moral Support Dinosaur for almost four years now, and he's super cute and super big, and my ex didn't seem to mind him at all... And my guy friends think he's awesome!

  3. @ BGDino

    Aw, Dino is wonderful! At least he's not overly girly like Hello Kitty! :3

  4. definatly jealous of people and their beautiful photography..:)