Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New blog!

Ello lovelies,
I don't use this blog anymore.

I've gone and made myself a new blog called "Peppermint Wink". It was originally going to be "Peppermint Smiles" but some name thief already had the name, hehe. Oh well. I just wanted something weird and somehow Peppermint Something fit... Somehow.

Anyway, here it is.

I'm intending to collaborate all of my interests together, not just kawaii. I love vintage, indie, kitsch, etc. as well so I want to reflect that in my new blog. I'm also intending to do some craft projects on there. Don't worry, I'll still have some kawaii there!

P.S. For those who are rating me for the "I love your blog!" swap on swap-bot, everything I've done for that swap is on this blog (Kimitty Kim), not Peppermint Wink.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I ♥ Your Blog! swap-bot swap

Some of you may be curious as to why I have some blog buttons and extra links displayed on the right-hand side of my blog... I've joined up on swap-bot, a website for swapping, and this is all part of the swap requirements for I ♥ Your Blog!
I was required to link my partners to my blog, link them on my own blog, and write a post about it. So here it is!

Here are the things I liked most about my 7 partners' blogs, whose links you will find in the sidebar on my blog:

  • Batmamma: I really love the post about her box of memories. The jewellery in that box is definitely the type of stuff that I would wear. But I love the idea of such small items being of such great significance to somebody.
  • Hanging Off The Wire: Mostly I loved the post about her son, Mason, and his professional photos! He looks so cute in his snazzy little outfit, and he reminds me of those professional baby photo places in shopping centres and such where the chicks working there humiliate themselves by pulling ridiculous faces and making the silliest noises just to get the cute little kid to smile... Lol! It's funny to watch.
  • Novel Niche: Not only do I love that this blogger is one of my new Facebook friends, but her blog is about NOVELS! One of my favourite things in the world. I now know to visit her blog and read her awesome novel reviews whenever I'm stuck on something good to read. 
  • I really love her style of writing most. I consider it really intelligent, articulate and delicate.
  • Erica Lee: I love all of the cool graphics on her blog, her layout, the way she sets everything out and all of the cool links she puts up in her posts!
  • Adventures with the Nowling Family: What I love the most about this blog is that it is a family blog... I love families and plan to start my own in the next few years! I also really loved the alligator post. I wonder how her kids would react if they ever met a crocodile at an animal park, lol!
  • Crea Bloempje666 :): One thing I love most about this blog is that it's a few of my favourite things all rolled into one... Food, cats and bags. I'm definitely going to try out that mustard soup recipe, it looks so good!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I miss my fluoro red hair!

I miss my fluoro red hair. I had it done this colour at the start of the year
so I would have a fresh look for when I started university, but since then I've
dyed over it... It's still bright red, just not as red as it was!

I just stumbled across these pictures of when I was getting my hair done that colour.

I had to have a bleach wash through it so my hair was light enough to get the 
desired colour, but it looked a bit gross because my hair before that was an orange
colour as it had faded from a dark red.

The hairdresser working away on my hair after the bleach wash! 
The blondie in the back there is one of my best friends, Shelby.

The ends of my bleach washed hair looked kind of cool and J-rock...ish.

Waiting for the dye to process... I had no idea at that time that my 
hair would come out being so bright and vibrant!

Coffee and a magazine while waiting. Sigh... *taps foot*

The dye was then washed out, and my hair was cut! Look how bright it is.

It came out looking like this! Awesome, huh?

This is the colour it faded to... I loved it. Then I got regrowth and dyed over it.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kawaii cushions from mymimi

Hi lovelies,

I'm terrible sorry about my lack of updates! I've developed a recent addiction to Tumblr. I love reblogging kawaii pictures I find on other Tumblr blogs or on Flick. Check out my Tumblr blog here, it's called Happy Milk! ^_^ Feel free to follow me, that'd be great!

I was browsing on Etsy and came across a store selling the most kawaii cushions ever! Not to mention they are absolutely affordable and under $20!

This adorable little Etsy store selling kawaii pillows belows to mymimi and can be found here. Check it out! I'm contemplating buying the onigiri pillow... Or the happy letter one!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Car break-down troubles

On Tuesday I posted an entry about my solo 5-hour drive to visit home for the weekend. Unfortunately that drive only lasted about two hours.

So I'm driving along the four-laned motorway north to my small regional city. I'm happily overtaking the slow old people on the road, expecting to get home within five hours. Suddenly my car starts wobbling. I don't think much of it - just thought it was the wind or something.

About 15 minutes later, my oil light on the dashboard comes on. I didn't think much of that either as my oil was full before I'd left, and the oil light usually comes on for no reason anyway. For some reason, I had an idea that my car would break down. I wasn't certain, but I looked around and took in my surroundings just in case I need to make a call to the RACQ to have my car looked at.

Then, about an hour and a half into my drive, my car starts making a constant ticking noise. I turn down my music in case it's just the stereo system playing up or something, and realise that it's definitely my car making that funny noise. I grab my phone and call my mum to ask her what I should do (I just need confirmation that I needed to pull over) but she doesn't pick up.

... So I pull over on the side of the road anyway, almost swerving into a ditch. Luckily there weren't any cars around at that point, and I was in the left lane already (I'm Australian - we drive on the left side of the road).

I take my foot off of the brake and my car rolls backward - that was odd... I drive an automatic. So I pull on the handbrake, turn off my car, put the hazard lights on and make another attempt to call my mum. She answers and tells me to get out of the car. That was impossible, as cars were driving past about 10 centimetres away from my car door.

So she tells me to grab my RACQ membership card, get out of the car as soon as possible, and call the RACQ for roadside service. I do exactly as she tells me - with a great struggle as I was crying, borderline panic attack, my hands were sweaty and I couldn't get the card out of my purse - and I give the RACQ as much detail about my car and location as possible. Luckily I had just driven past an exit so had a faint idea about where I was.

The RACQ dude arrives, looks at my car, calls for a tow truck, and I get towed to a town in the middle of nowhere to get my car fixed at an auto-repair shop while I wait for my mum to pick me up. Mind you, my town is 3 hours away from this random town, so I was waiting for a long time.

It was an awful experience but I'm glad it happened so I know what to do next time. I'm also glad that it wasn't worse that it could've been.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bulky headphones = dorky in a bad way?

My iPod earphones are pretty much dead... Sound only comes out of one of the ear-pieces, and the plastic covering has shifted and revealed the wiring underneath in some places.

I've figured that it's time to invest in a new pair of earphones/headphones, but I'm not sure which kind to get. On the way to university, I always see people listening to their music using big, bulky headphones and I envy them, wishing that I could be as confident to wear them as them.

I guess some people can pull the look off. What do you think... Do you think they're dorky in the bad way?

Here are some cute ones that I found while browsing the web:

I also found some kawaii "Swimmer" headphones...
Personally, they're my favourite! Especially the pastel designs.

These teddy bear ones belong to a blogger that I follow, Pastel Raindrops.

I don't know if the ones below are Swimmer headphones, but somebody's
gone and sweet deco'ed 'em!

Naka's "Rainbow Explosion" giveaway!

Okay, I lied, I am doing another post tonight. 

I'm really getting into these cute giveaway thingies, and I've really got my eye on the giveaway on Naka's blog! Believe it or not, but lovely and generous Naka has 20 prizes for 6 lucky winners. :3

Of course, like most of the giveaways going on, you need to be a public follower of her blog and you also need to post a comment with your name and e-mail address on her blog entry.

(I say this through virtual clenched teeth,
as the more of you who enter, the less chance
I'll have. Oh well!)