Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Desire to organise, lust over Filofax

Recently I had a bit of a breakdown due to university work unexpectedly piling up on top of me. I hated myself for not organising myself a bit better. For some reason, I stumbled across Philofaxy, a blog dedicated to the prestigious Filofax - a paper day planner.

When it comes to organising my life, I'd rather not use the calendar on my phone or my Macbook Pro. I'd prefer to have it in front of me in a book that contains, well, my life.

That brought me to my Filofax obsession.

(Image source: Belle Fantaisie)
My very own Filofax would contain all of my cards, and photos - especially Purikura!

(Image source: Fiology)
I would personalise the dividers in my own special way. ^_^*

(Image source: Gala Darling)
I'd keep stickers in it, and make the tabs very specific!

(Image source: superlocal)
My own Filofax would also be covered in post-its!
I love post-its a lot. I buy them, but usually have no use for them.

(Image source: redhearts)
I would plan every aspect of my life in it, and decorate it with
pretty pens and highlighters/fluorescent markers.

(Not sure whose this is - if it's yours, let me know!)
Not sure if this is even a Filofax, but I'd definitely get a cover for it like this one. CUTE!!

(Let me know if this is your pic so I can credit you!)
Would also have a use for my kawaii fill-in paper - it looks like the paper in the photo above. 
I bought some in Indonesia a while ago and just wrote letters to my penpals on it.

I'm currently using my Hello Kitty 2010 calendar to plan everything, but there's not enough space on it for heavy detail and lists. I'm a huuuge list person. Also, while I can glance over at my calendar when I'm at home, I can't carry it around with me everywhere I go in case I need to quickly pen something in!

Aww, my September looks so empty and boring!!
Bits highlighted are university assessment, and the days with 
the hearts are when I'll be back in my home-town. <3
(Shannon and I are doing a long-distance relationship for now.)

Anyway, my birthday is coming up! It's in November, I'll be turning 19! Shannon asked me what I want for my birthday and not long ago I couldn't tell him as I had nothing specific in mind, but now I know. I want a pink Filofax in the "personal" size. They're a bit expensive though, so I hope he doesn't go for one of the $250 ones or I'll feel bad.

I found a bunch of them on Amazon that I really liked... (Basically, if it's pink, I love it!)

(Image source: Amazon)
"Classic" model - US$88

(Image source: Amazon)
"Domino" model - $22.95

(Image source: Amazon)
"Finsbury" model - $51.95

My favourite one is the "Classic" model. I know it's more expensive, but it looks so much classier and important. It would really motivate me to organise my life a bit better. I really look forward to (hopefully) getting my very first Filofax! (^_^)

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