Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kawaii cushions from mymimi

Hi lovelies,

I'm terrible sorry about my lack of updates! I've developed a recent addiction to Tumblr. I love reblogging kawaii pictures I find on other Tumblr blogs or on Flick. Check out my Tumblr blog here, it's called Happy Milk! ^_^ Feel free to follow me, that'd be great!

I was browsing on Etsy and came across a store selling the most kawaii cushions ever! Not to mention they are absolutely affordable and under $20!

This adorable little Etsy store selling kawaii pillows belows to mymimi and can be found here. Check it out! I'm contemplating buying the onigiri pillow... Or the happy letter one!


  1. Oh such cute plushies! *A* and omg! The Happy letter one ... I LOVE IT!

  2. omg..that's a cute cushion... like the rainbow ones...


  3. Loooove love the pillows *O* I've seen one sinilar to these with a cute geisha printed on it T^T

    Oh I'm Lima, from swap-bot (for the "Bloggers swap"). Nice blog and your hair color is so RED!! cool! :D