Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kawaii cushions from mymimi

Hi lovelies,

I'm terrible sorry about my lack of updates! I've developed a recent addiction to Tumblr. I love reblogging kawaii pictures I find on other Tumblr blogs or on Flick. Check out my Tumblr blog here, it's called Happy Milk! ^_^ Feel free to follow me, that'd be great!

I was browsing on Etsy and came across a store selling the most kawaii cushions ever! Not to mention they are absolutely affordable and under $20!

This adorable little Etsy store selling kawaii pillows belows to mymimi and can be found here. Check it out! I'm contemplating buying the onigiri pillow... Or the happy letter one!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Car break-down troubles

On Tuesday I posted an entry about my solo 5-hour drive to visit home for the weekend. Unfortunately that drive only lasted about two hours.

So I'm driving along the four-laned motorway north to my small regional city. I'm happily overtaking the slow old people on the road, expecting to get home within five hours. Suddenly my car starts wobbling. I don't think much of it - just thought it was the wind or something.

About 15 minutes later, my oil light on the dashboard comes on. I didn't think much of that either as my oil was full before I'd left, and the oil light usually comes on for no reason anyway. For some reason, I had an idea that my car would break down. I wasn't certain, but I looked around and took in my surroundings just in case I need to make a call to the RACQ to have my car looked at.

Then, about an hour and a half into my drive, my car starts making a constant ticking noise. I turn down my music in case it's just the stereo system playing up or something, and realise that it's definitely my car making that funny noise. I grab my phone and call my mum to ask her what I should do (I just need confirmation that I needed to pull over) but she doesn't pick up.

... So I pull over on the side of the road anyway, almost swerving into a ditch. Luckily there weren't any cars around at that point, and I was in the left lane already (I'm Australian - we drive on the left side of the road).

I take my foot off of the brake and my car rolls backward - that was odd... I drive an automatic. So I pull on the handbrake, turn off my car, put the hazard lights on and make another attempt to call my mum. She answers and tells me to get out of the car. That was impossible, as cars were driving past about 10 centimetres away from my car door.

So she tells me to grab my RACQ membership card, get out of the car as soon as possible, and call the RACQ for roadside service. I do exactly as she tells me - with a great struggle as I was crying, borderline panic attack, my hands were sweaty and I couldn't get the card out of my purse - and I give the RACQ as much detail about my car and location as possible. Luckily I had just driven past an exit so had a faint idea about where I was.

The RACQ dude arrives, looks at my car, calls for a tow truck, and I get towed to a town in the middle of nowhere to get my car fixed at an auto-repair shop while I wait for my mum to pick me up. Mind you, my town is 3 hours away from this random town, so I was waiting for a long time.

It was an awful experience but I'm glad it happened so I know what to do next time. I'm also glad that it wasn't worse that it could've been.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bulky headphones = dorky in a bad way?

My iPod earphones are pretty much dead... Sound only comes out of one of the ear-pieces, and the plastic covering has shifted and revealed the wiring underneath in some places.

I've figured that it's time to invest in a new pair of earphones/headphones, but I'm not sure which kind to get. On the way to university, I always see people listening to their music using big, bulky headphones and I envy them, wishing that I could be as confident to wear them as them.

I guess some people can pull the look off. What do you think... Do you think they're dorky in the bad way?

Here are some cute ones that I found while browsing the web:

I also found some kawaii "Swimmer" headphones...
Personally, they're my favourite! Especially the pastel designs.

These teddy bear ones belong to a blogger that I follow, Pastel Raindrops.

I don't know if the ones below are Swimmer headphones, but somebody's
gone and sweet deco'ed 'em!

Naka's "Rainbow Explosion" giveaway!

Okay, I lied, I am doing another post tonight. 

I'm really getting into these cute giveaway thingies, and I've really got my eye on the giveaway on Naka's blog! Believe it or not, but lovely and generous Naka has 20 prizes for 6 lucky winners. :3

Of course, like most of the giveaways going on, you need to be a public follower of her blog and you also need to post a comment with your name and e-mail address on her blog entry.

(I say this through virtual clenched teeth,
as the more of you who enter, the less chance
I'll have. Oh well!)

Creepy mime guy

Here Sharna (my boyfriend's sister) and I are trying to take a photo together...

And then, well... Do you see something wrong with this picture!!? Creepy mime guys, I tell ya... Popping out of nowhere all the time, photobombing you, freaking you out on the street.

(I swear this is my last post for the night! I just realised that I hadn't posted for a couple of days or so, so I made up for it.)

Kawaii felt plushes

Hmm, I just realised that I haven't made one of my kawaii little felt plushes in quite a while. I've just been swamped with university, and avoiding university. Hehehe. Oh well.

But I've decided that soon, I'm going to do a tutorial on how to make one of these!! Possibly another donut, or a cake or something. What do you think?

Beloved little donut! <3 (^_^*) I gave it to one of my room-mates.
He's going back to his home, Norway, at the end of the year...
So I gave it to him to remember me by!

Little milk bottle that I gave to my boyfriend's sister. :3

For some reason, I've never been able to keep any of my felt creations for myself. I usually give them to my friends or family. One day I will keep one for myself... One day, I tell you!

Impending solo road trip back home

I'm driving all the way back to my hometown on Thursday. It's a 5-hour trip (including stops), and I'll be driving all by myself. It's a very nervous drive for me - I get paranoid and shaky. This time, since I'm quitting smoking, I can't pass by time by smoking every 20 minutes on the dot.

Trying to work out if the drive is a good thing or a bad thing.

Bad points:

  • Nervous
  • Lonely
  • Potential car accident
  • Takes a reeeeeally long time to get from A to B

Good points:

  • Listening to my iPod the whole way
  • At the end, I'll get to see my family, close friends and boyfriend
  • Beautiful scenery of my beloved part of Australia
  • Time to self-reflect
I don't know, what do you think? Good or bad? Here are some shots from my last road trip - my mum was driving that time, so I got to take photos!

(I miss my old hair!! I need to get a fringe again, and get it 
done the bright red colour that I used to have.)

Cute coffee mug

This is my favourite coffee mug. <3
Pink, with white dots and cute little baked sweets.


I've been watching Heroes a lot lately... From the early hours of the night to the early hours of the morning. I know, I have no life at the moment - it's sad. Really should be studying.

Anyway, I came across this funny bit.

Hiro: "Like billuhn."
Nathan: "What's that?"
Hiro: "Billuhn."
Nathan: "Villain?"
Hiro: "Billuhn."
Nathan: Viii-llain."
Hiro: "Viiiii-"
Nathan: "Vi."
Hiro: "Viiiii-yuhhhn."

Desire to organise, lust over Filofax

Recently I had a bit of a breakdown due to university work unexpectedly piling up on top of me. I hated myself for not organising myself a bit better. For some reason, I stumbled across Philofaxy, a blog dedicated to the prestigious Filofax - a paper day planner.

When it comes to organising my life, I'd rather not use the calendar on my phone or my Macbook Pro. I'd prefer to have it in front of me in a book that contains, well, my life.

That brought me to my Filofax obsession.

(Image source: Belle Fantaisie)
My very own Filofax would contain all of my cards, and photos - especially Purikura!

(Image source: Fiology)
I would personalise the dividers in my own special way. ^_^*

(Image source: Gala Darling)
I'd keep stickers in it, and make the tabs very specific!

(Image source: superlocal)
My own Filofax would also be covered in post-its!
I love post-its a lot. I buy them, but usually have no use for them.

(Image source: redhearts)
I would plan every aspect of my life in it, and decorate it with
pretty pens and highlighters/fluorescent markers.

(Not sure whose this is - if it's yours, let me know!)
Not sure if this is even a Filofax, but I'd definitely get a cover for it like this one. CUTE!!

(Let me know if this is your pic so I can credit you!)
Would also have a use for my kawaii fill-in paper - it looks like the paper in the photo above. 
I bought some in Indonesia a while ago and just wrote letters to my penpals on it.

I'm currently using my Hello Kitty 2010 calendar to plan everything, but there's not enough space on it for heavy detail and lists. I'm a huuuge list person. Also, while I can glance over at my calendar when I'm at home, I can't carry it around with me everywhere I go in case I need to quickly pen something in!

Aww, my September looks so empty and boring!!
Bits highlighted are university assessment, and the days with 
the hearts are when I'll be back in my home-town. <3
(Shannon and I are doing a long-distance relationship for now.)

Anyway, my birthday is coming up! It's in November, I'll be turning 19! Shannon asked me what I want for my birthday and not long ago I couldn't tell him as I had nothing specific in mind, but now I know. I want a pink Filofax in the "personal" size. They're a bit expensive though, so I hope he doesn't go for one of the $250 ones or I'll feel bad.

I found a bunch of them on Amazon that I really liked... (Basically, if it's pink, I love it!)

(Image source: Amazon)
"Classic" model - US$88

(Image source: Amazon)
"Domino" model - $22.95

(Image source: Amazon)
"Finsbury" model - $51.95

My favourite one is the "Classic" model. I know it's more expensive, but it looks so much classier and important. It would really motivate me to organise my life a bit better. I really look forward to (hopefully) getting my very first Filofax! (^_^)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Moments like Diamonds' "770+ followers" giveaway

The well-known Japan blogger, Moments like Diamonds, is hosting a giveaway on her blog! This is what she posted on the giveaway blog post about what's included in the giveaway:

"The theme of this giveaway is "Let's Get Accessorized!" so every item is an accessory^^
1 W*C pink color shopping bag
1 Yoyogi station Yamanote line keychain
1 pair of clip on cherry earrings
1 pair of Rich Eyelash false eyelashes
1 Sabo Kappa keychain pouch
1 L.Chance necklace
1 Rilakkuma strawberry pouch
1 KissMe promo uchiwa fan
1 Forever21 denim large ribbon headband"

To enter the giveaway, you just need to be a follower of her blog and you'll also need to post a comment on the post and include your e-mail adress. Click here to access it! I'm sure entering - I love this kind of stuff. Especially when it's free. (^_^*)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vegan food and Asian desserts

Tonight, I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and my room-mates. I'm not really a fan of vegetarian or vegan food as I'm extremely carnivorous, but one of my room-mates is a vegetarian and invited the rest of our unit out to dine in a vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant was called Loving Hut.

There was a lot of "fake meat" on the menu... Meat alternatives shaped like steaks, ribs and fillets. I don't really understand the point of making something look and taste like meat if you're a vegetarian or a vegan.

Entree: Tofu, mushroom and vege wantons.

My room-mates got their food long before my boyfriend and I did.

I got an iced chocolate thingy... Of course, being a vegan restaurant, 
there wasn't any milk or proper cream in it so they used soy milk and
coconut cream on the top. It didn't taste as good as the "real thing"!

This was my meal, called "Loving Wrap". Not sure what the term 'wrap' has to
do with anything about this meal. It was just veges, rice and bean curd.

Do I look dissatisfied to you? For some reason, my meals don't
feel complete without meat! (Hey, that rhymes!) Sorry about complaining, 
I'm just a strong believer in carnivourism! Is that even a word?

We're naturally predator animals, and if another predator animal wouldn't
stop to think about the moral/ethical reasons for not eating us, then why
shouldn't we eat other animals, too? Biologically we are mammals and a
part of the animal kingdom.

My boyfriend and I.

After eating at Loving Hut, we went to a nearby predominantly Asian suburb to go to a small Taiwanese dessert cafe thingy. One of my room-mates is Taiwanese, so she showed us where to go and what to get on the menu.

These are our desserts! So many tapioca pearls... Unfortunately mine had
red beans (ick!) instead of tapioca... Can you guess which one that was?
Hint: I looks like something Shrek would drink!!

Yup, I got a green milk tea drink with green tea ice-cream. I tried extra hard
to avoid drinking the red beans in the bottom, as I don't really like them.

My man and I enjoying our drinkies!!

I love green tea ice-cream!

You can't see the detail on the dress very well, but this is what I wore
tonight! Really sorry about the mess.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Deco supplies: "Decollage" whipped cream

I was halfway through my sweet deco project on a clear plastic case for my Nokia e63 when I unfortunately ran out of silicone whipped cream! I frantically searched all over Etsy for some more, but unluckily for me, the white kind was out of stock.

So I did a Google search and found Tinkle Art Room! The whipped cream I bought from them was only about $10 (including postage costs)... Now I'll finally be able to do the front of my phone case!

Getting there! All of my supplies are from various stores on Etsy.
Such a cute box! The little smiling tofu underneath doesn't come with it.
Can't wait to use it and show you the final piece!! :3

New shirt from Threadless

Recently, I bought a new shirt from the online clothes shop Threadless. It's known for its cute and quirky t-shirt designs. The are/were having a $10 sale on t-shirts, so I bought this interesting one!

Obviously it's a clown vomiting a rainbow into a toilet.
The t-shirt is named "The Morning After". Also, don't mind that
nicotine patch on my arm... I'm quitting smoking.