Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vegan food and Asian desserts

Tonight, I went out for dinner with my boyfriend and my room-mates. I'm not really a fan of vegetarian or vegan food as I'm extremely carnivorous, but one of my room-mates is a vegetarian and invited the rest of our unit out to dine in a vegetarian restaurant. The restaurant was called Loving Hut.

There was a lot of "fake meat" on the menu... Meat alternatives shaped like steaks, ribs and fillets. I don't really understand the point of making something look and taste like meat if you're a vegetarian or a vegan.

Entree: Tofu, mushroom and vege wantons.

My room-mates got their food long before my boyfriend and I did.

I got an iced chocolate thingy... Of course, being a vegan restaurant, 
there wasn't any milk or proper cream in it so they used soy milk and
coconut cream on the top. It didn't taste as good as the "real thing"!

This was my meal, called "Loving Wrap". Not sure what the term 'wrap' has to
do with anything about this meal. It was just veges, rice and bean curd.

Do I look dissatisfied to you? For some reason, my meals don't
feel complete without meat! (Hey, that rhymes!) Sorry about complaining, 
I'm just a strong believer in carnivourism! Is that even a word?

We're naturally predator animals, and if another predator animal wouldn't
stop to think about the moral/ethical reasons for not eating us, then why
shouldn't we eat other animals, too? Biologically we are mammals and a
part of the animal kingdom.

My boyfriend and I.

After eating at Loving Hut, we went to a nearby predominantly Asian suburb to go to a small Taiwanese dessert cafe thingy. One of my room-mates is Taiwanese, so she showed us where to go and what to get on the menu.

These are our desserts! So many tapioca pearls... Unfortunately mine had
red beans (ick!) instead of tapioca... Can you guess which one that was?
Hint: I looks like something Shrek would drink!!

Yup, I got a green milk tea drink with green tea ice-cream. I tried extra hard
to avoid drinking the red beans in the bottom, as I don't really like them.

My man and I enjoying our drinkies!!

I love green tea ice-cream!

You can't see the detail on the dress very well, but this is what I wore
tonight! Really sorry about the mess.


  1. OMG this green tea ice cream looks so delicous *_____* I want a cafè like that too!!!!

    & I totally understand your complaints about vegans/vegetarians...I cant imagine a life without meat, too xDDD

  2. I love the dress ^-^"!

    I understand that its really hard to go out with Vegetarians/Vegans :( I'm pretty damn carnivorous - at times xD ...and going to restaurants and etc is just hard. Especially if you want to get take out (KFC!) or go to Asian restaurants ;-;! But yeahh.

    Awww I wonder why your green milk tea had red beans in it :S Well .. I wouldn't really know since I never really get milk tea when I go to those type of places xD I always drink the ice crushed ones ...:3 ! But yey green tea <3