Friday, October 8, 2010

I miss my fluoro red hair!

I miss my fluoro red hair. I had it done this colour at the start of the year
so I would have a fresh look for when I started university, but since then I've
dyed over it... It's still bright red, just not as red as it was!

I just stumbled across these pictures of when I was getting my hair done that colour.

I had to have a bleach wash through it so my hair was light enough to get the 
desired colour, but it looked a bit gross because my hair before that was an orange
colour as it had faded from a dark red.

The hairdresser working away on my hair after the bleach wash! 
The blondie in the back there is one of my best friends, Shelby.

The ends of my bleach washed hair looked kind of cool and J-rock...ish.

Waiting for the dye to process... I had no idea at that time that my 
hair would come out being so bright and vibrant!

Coffee and a magazine while waiting. Sigh... *taps foot*

The dye was then washed out, and my hair was cut! Look how bright it is.

It came out looking like this! Awesome, huh?

This is the colour it faded to... I loved it. Then I got regrowth and dyed over it.


  1. I'm loving the red, it really compliments you! :'3

  2. the color turned out beautifully!^^Red hair doens't look good on everyone, but I think it matches you well^^

  3. Oh wow! Your hair color looks awesome!!! I soooo want vibrant red hair again.