Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Singapore

I hadn't caught up with one of my good friends, Kathleen, for a few months so we decided to have a sleepover at my place. We went to a predominantly Asian suburb in pursuit of a good place to stuff our faces as we were rather hungry. First, she took me to a Sanrio store. It was full of kawaii.

If you knew me, you'd know that I'm a massive sucker for kawaii ("cute" in Japanese) things. My room is covered in Hello Kitty - in fact, I'll do a post real soon and show you guys my Hello Kitty bedroom. When I go into "kawaii" stores, I go into this trance where I get extremely overwhelmed and ignore anyone around me while trying to take in my surroundings.

I ended up walking out after about four laps of the store, and buying nothing to avoid spending all of my savings. Taking me to a kawaii store is like waving drugs under the nose of a drug addict.

Anyway, we ended up walking around for a bit.

"Feel like Vietnamese?"
"Hmm, let's look around a bit first."
"Umm... Perhaps..."

Then, we saw a place called "Little Singapore"... And that's where we dined. $10 for a meal sounded good to us, especially being uni students with little money. When we looked at the menu and ordered, we weren't aware of how large the servings were.

Kathleen and I ordered a bunch of things to share among the two of us. Probably about 5 plates, which came down to $60 when we ended up finishing and paying for the meal.

Satay chicken and vegetables with rice, and vegetable spring rolls.
Kathleen, rather happy with her meal.
Vegetable curry muffs, something with pork in it up
the top there, and beef chow mein.
Digging in! Om nom nom.
It was a funny meal, though -  the Chinese-Singaporean waiter was lingering around our table the whole time, watching us eat. He approached our table a few times looking worried, too...

First time:
"Are you sure you girls are going to be able to finish all of that food!!?"

Second time:
"Are you alright?"

Pretty sure he was expecting us to pop as we had so much food on our table. Though we finished it all with smug looks on our faces! Then went for gelato.


  1. Ooo ~ that sounds like something I'd do... Stuff myself silly then be all "Icecream? Don't mind if I do!" >3<

    I empathise on the broke uni student front. I hate it when you have to walk away from kawaii overload due to lack of fundage. u_u

    b. of Depict This!

  2. @ b.

    Exactly! I'd say that I'm full, then eat ice-cream or a block of chocolate afterwards. So I've figured that whenever I think I'm full, it just means that I'm full of that particular food/dish.

  3. I think I do the same thing with Snoopy things... I have Snoopy t-shirts, postcards, stickers, money-boxes, playing cards... basically if it's got Snoopy on it, I'm there!

  4. ooh laa laa!
    your blog makes my insides happy!
    the pretty pictures are so grand!
    how splendid indeed! x x