Monday, August 30, 2010

Red-headed bridesmaid in royal blue

One of my older sisters got married on the weekend. It was a beautiful ceremony which was all decked out in royal blue decorations, and plenty of bubbles blown by the 6 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen.

We had our make-up and hair stylists come to us at the hotel at about 7am, got a hell of a lot of photos, drank champagne with strawberries, helped the bride get into her dress and touched up our make-up until we had to go to the botanical gardens at noon for the ceremony.

My big sister (the beautiful bride) and her mum.

There's me - the pale one with the red hair.

The make-up artists and hairstylists did a really good job on all of us. I asked for my hair to be curled with some of the top of it pulled back somehow. Originally I wanted smokey eyes but the bridezilla refused to let me "get hooker make-up". However, I really liked the end result.
Make-up, and hair from the front.
Ignore the t-shirt, I sleep in it, haha.
My hair from the back. For some reason,
curls always make my red hair colour stand out, like POW!

I didn't realise that I did a peace sign pose until I saw the picture!

Annnd the big booty shot.
Now I've got wedding fever. Just great. I have to wait at least four more years for my own. I gave Shannon (my boyfriend) a four year time span to at least propose, hahaha! What!? A girl's gotta get cracking.


  1. Your hair is so gorgeous! I used to dye mine red and I miss it now. And the blue dress really suits you.

  2. @ Polly

    Thank you so much! I've had red hair since the start of the year, but in February I had this bright shade of red... Almost fluoro red. I miss it a lot.