Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Avoid awkward situation - talk Bollywood!

Last weekend, I went to a going-away party. My best friend, Madeline, has been living in America on a scholarship and plans to return as her summer holiday has probably come to it's end.

Following a few drinks (I had six cans of Smirnoff Double Black, which are 1.9 standard drinks per can, plus one of my friends had poured some vodka into my last can before I downed it), most of us were pretty messed up and ready to head out to the clubs.

So we called a cab. The cab driver had to wait a little while as Madeline tried to find some shoes to wear out. We got in the cab, and two of my friends were confused that the cost of the cab had already gone up to $17.50 when we hadn't even left yet. I guess it was due to the cab driver waiting for us all to get into the cab - I'm not sure.

While a couple of my friends had a go at the cab driver, who was a shy, timid Indian guy in a Sikh turban, I felt sorry for him. I diverted the subject... By talking Bollywood!

Me: Excuse me good sir, but where are you from?
Cab driver: I am from India!
Me: Oh, cool! I love Indian movies.
Cab driver: Oh! Wow, that is so great, I am happy to hear that!
(his eyes lit up in the review mirror)
Me: Yeah, do you know the actor Shahrukh Khan?
(Probably the most famous male Bollywood artist)
Cab driver: Of course! I know! You like?
Me: Yes, he's an awesome actor, I liked him in Om Shanti Om and Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.
Cab driver: Yes, yes, I know those movies!
Me: I also like, uh, what's his name... Amitabh something? Something Amitabh?
Cab driver: Amitabh Bachchan?
Me: YEAH! Wait, no, his son! He was also in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna.
Cab driver: Abhishek Bachchan?
Me: I think that's it, yeah!!

Unfortunately that was the end of the taxi ride, and the end of our Bollywood talk. I've found that in order to really get along with some of your Indian cab drivers, you talk Indian film business. The cab drivers I've spoken to about Bollywood so far were absolutely delighted and amazed to hear that a plain Aussie gal like me is into Indian films.


  1. Kim, I feel bad now because I sadly was one of the messy ones in the cab to the valley. Haha but your Bollywood small talk definitely granted us favours :)

    Ps. I am now following your blog. Actually really needing to know tips on how to attach bigger sized and full sized photos. Could you help me out? xx

  2. @ Dom

    Haha, it was a fun/funny experience! Don't feel bad, I got his spirits up with my white-gal Bollywood talk!

    Well it's just in the editor bar above where you type blog entries and it should have the photo size options when you upload a photo.