Sunday, October 17, 2010

I ♥ Your Blog! swap-bot swap

Some of you may be curious as to why I have some blog buttons and extra links displayed on the right-hand side of my blog... I've joined up on swap-bot, a website for swapping, and this is all part of the swap requirements for I ♥ Your Blog!
I was required to link my partners to my blog, link them on my own blog, and write a post about it. So here it is!

Here are the things I liked most about my 7 partners' blogs, whose links you will find in the sidebar on my blog:

  • Batmamma: I really love the post about her box of memories. The jewellery in that box is definitely the type of stuff that I would wear. But I love the idea of such small items being of such great significance to somebody.
  • Hanging Off The Wire: Mostly I loved the post about her son, Mason, and his professional photos! He looks so cute in his snazzy little outfit, and he reminds me of those professional baby photo places in shopping centres and such where the chicks working there humiliate themselves by pulling ridiculous faces and making the silliest noises just to get the cute little kid to smile... Lol! It's funny to watch.
  • Novel Niche: Not only do I love that this blogger is one of my new Facebook friends, but her blog is about NOVELS! One of my favourite things in the world. I now know to visit her blog and read her awesome novel reviews whenever I'm stuck on something good to read. 
  • I really love her style of writing most. I consider it really intelligent, articulate and delicate.
  • Erica Lee: I love all of the cool graphics on her blog, her layout, the way she sets everything out and all of the cool links she puts up in her posts!
  • Adventures with the Nowling Family: What I love the most about this blog is that it is a family blog... I love families and plan to start my own in the next few years! I also really loved the alligator post. I wonder how her kids would react if they ever met a crocodile at an animal park, lol!
  • Crea Bloempje666 :): One thing I love most about this blog is that it's a few of my favourite things all rolled into one... Food, cats and bags. I'm definitely going to try out that mustard soup recipe, it looks so good!


  1. Hello Kim!
    Thanks for joining to my swap, it was fun right?
    I´m your follower now, and I hope you get more traffic for your blog ;)

    Hugs from Mexico!!

  2. I'd love to hear what you think of the mustard soup! :)

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